PVE (Player Vs. Environment)

  • Requirement:
    • A Club with 5 Player NFTs.
    • 100 $CLUBS
  • Club Point is calculated by the combination of its Player NFTs total point.
  • Enemy Clubs are created every hour by WorldClubs ecosystem. Each Enemy Club has its Club Point.
  • The misson is simple: Players send their Clubs to compete with Enemy Clubs and earn $CLUBS as victory rewards.
  • $CLUBS rewards are locked after being sent to winners. There are 2 ways for players to unlock:
    • Claim directly from Reward Contract with 40% fee. (Eg: To claim a 100 $CLUBS reward, users have to pay 40 $CLUBS as fee).
    • Convert rewards into Ticket NFTs and trade on Marketplace or put them to Staking Pool (3.33% per day, 30-day locked).
  • The higher Club Point of Enemy Club, the bigger chance of victory. Winrate is also calculated based on the Club Point diff between yours and enemy's. Players are recommended to select their best Player NFTs.
  • There will be 8 levels of Enemy Club existed. With the comparation to players' Clubs, there will be the differences in Winrate, Exp & Reward for each Enemy Club.
  • WorldClubs has an cooldown mechanism which applies based on the Club Rarity. During this limitation time, players cannot join any PVE/PVP match.