Build Club

Build Club
  • ​Club is a combination of 5 Player NFTs.
  • Players can use their Clubs to join PVE/PVP Battles to earn rewards for winning.
  • Club Point is calculated based on the average strength of its Player NFTs in the team. Players can increase their Club Point by Upgrading the Club Exp. Higher Club Point means higher chance of victory, bigger rewards & larger EXP earned.
  • After being built, a Club is locked for 24 hours before being able to join Club Battle.
  • Club Cooldown is 4 hours after each Club Battle. During this time, Club cannot be sent to join any other Club Battle.
  • Club Disbanding: A Club can be disbanded and its Player NFTs can be used to build other Clubs.
    • Important note: If a Club is disbanded, its level will also be erased permanently, even if 5 previous Player NFTs are used to build a new Club after that.